Services that Transform Your Yard into an Outdoor Oasis

Paradise Maintenance provides Lawn Care from South East Brisbane to Ipswich specialising in worry free lawn care maintenance. If you are looking for a lawn care company to take care of your property and provide you with a true worry free experience – Paradise Maintenance is the right choice for you.


Lawn Care

We use high quality commercial equipment that results in the superior maintenance of your lawn. Ride-on Mowers are available for all properties. Set up an affordable plan with us today.


Hedge Trimming

Hedge cutting & tree-maintenance are chores that few people enjoy or have the time for. It’s hard physical work, & depending on the type of plants you own, can be an all too frequent job. That's where we come in!



We have the equipment to professionally remove that 6 foot tall grass on your property. Don't ruin your equipment, we will take on the challenge. We cater to big & small yards. 

gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

We have the equipment and training that will ensure that your gutters are cleaned quickly without leaving a mess or damaging your roof or gutters



We can maintain your garden in a natural healthy state. We strive to provide a complete worry free garden maintenance service to all our clients.

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With professional products applied after a complete soil analysis of your yard, we provide timely applications according to your growing conditions.


Weed Control

We prevent the growth of weeds that grow in and around your garden using environmentally safe methods. We will ensure your weeds are under control and managed professionally.

garbage waste removal

Waste Removal

We will take care of both hard and green waste and this service is an extremely cost effective solution for your clean up needs.

leaf blower

Leaf Blowing

We effectively remove dried grass clippings, leaves or dirt off your driveway, patio, & sidewalk through the use of our professional equipment. 

Your week is full. Working late hours, busing the kids around- you need a place to retreat to at the end of the day. Let us help you reach your paradise.

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