Ride-on mowing & slashing is available for all properties.

Paradise Maintenance provides the most effective lawn care maintenance program for your lawn. Allowing your lawn to reach it’s full  potential will require you to have a  proper schedule for your lawn. Paradise Maintenance has over 10 years experience and will provide the proper services at an affordable price. 

 Our equipment is maintained on a regular basis to ensure your lawn does not become diseased or infected with weeds. We also monitor how short or long the grass is cut to ensure the survival of the lawn. team takes the necessary steps to ensure your grass is not damaged and your lawn remains healthy.

 Our competitive pricing will fit any budget.

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In today’s busy world, there is little time for gardening everyday which is needed to maintain the exterior of your home. You get very few hours of free time and the last thing you want to do is spend those hours doing yard care. Paradise Maintenance can help you relieve the burden of lawn care and maintenance. Contact Us for a


Pruning is the removal of dead wood, giving shape to the tree & improving it's health. This also reduces the risk of falling branches in high winds or storms.  Hedges not only beautify your garden they can also protect your property from the wind and provide visual barriers for increased privacy. It is important to monitor their order and neatness through regular trimming.


Slashing is a way of mowing large properties that have very long and/or thick grass. We have the equipment to professionally remove 6 foot tall grass on your property without a hassle.Slashing uses handheld machinery or a special machine that is capable of cutting the growth down quickly and easily. Don't ruin your equipment, we will take on the challenge. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Tips for Watering your Grass

Watering the lawn is vitally important but the amount and process will depend on the type of climate and soil of your area. If you walk across the lawn and a footprint remains then it means that the lawn needs watering. The water should reach the roots of the grass and it should be done twice a week. Watering twice is considered more effective than watering every day.

A lawn needs around 1 to 1.5 inches of rainfall water per week. Having a timer to control the time when the lawn is watered is highly  recommended. Watering should always be done in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent fungus, mold 7& burning. Properly maintaining your sprinklers should be done on a weekly basis to make sure no water is wasted through leaks.